Friday, October 8, 2010

Weird feelings.

When things go wrong,I'm just like a child.Everything that surrounds me seems to be unuseful.I find myself looking at the pople and thinking that maybe I'm not the only one who's not in a good period.Maybe it's me acting in a wrong way,or maybe I'm not that mature to realize what's happening.Evertytime I hope I'm dreaming.
When I feel like flying and I'm happy and everything goes so f****** good,the person that I need the most,is the one that "punches" my heart.Why?I just don't understand why everything falls apart so soon? Why things can't be forever?
I'm not that mature and strong to face all this serious stuff.But I'm starting to learn that from now on,I must live what they call"The true life".I'm almost 16 and I'm not a child anymore,but I wish I were.I wish I had nothing to worry about..I wish I loved only my parents and my family,so that I wouldn't get hurt so fast.I'm way to friendly and easy-going,naive.I get too deep in a relation with a normal person,that's why when it ends I feel awful.Because this is me.Because this is who I am,and how I act.I don't like it,but I can't change this.
I know that I must think twice before doing important things,but I will get over it and my smile will be again perfectly true and real.:)

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